New Face Wood

New face wood floor, is the name of our process for shaving the top worn layer of reclaimed wood to expose the pristine, untouched surface beneath. This allows the wood’s true inner beauty to shine through. Then we refinish it with any number of creative handmade techniques depending on your needs.

Red Sky
Reclaimed NY Water Tower Wood

Maple Butter
Reclaimed Standing Dead Maple Trees,

Brick City
Reclaimed Coney Island boardwalk end grain

Mixed Red and White Oak, cross cut end grain

Street Scene
Quarter Sawn White Oak, hand burned finish

Silent Silk
Reclaimed Standing Dead Oak trees,

Simpler Times
Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine from Marcellus Casket Company,

Royal Walk
Reclaimed Heart Pine, Marcellus Casket Company,

Graceful Harmony
Reclaimed Spruce, Pine, Fir, St. Louis Hall

Dark Chocolate
American Walnut

Reclaimed Douglas Fir, Marcellus Casket Company,

The Oak Room
White Oak,

Wild West
Reclaimed Red & White Oak from old barns

Earthly Bliss
Quarter Sawn White Oak, Hand Burned Eased Edge

Confident Voyage
Reclaimed White Oak Parquet, Standing Dead Oak Trees

Spirit of Fun
Reclaimed Coney Island Boardwalk, Herringbone Pattern
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