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Manhattan Forest Products, Inc. crafted all of the woodwork done in the Soho House New York

If you have a chance to get to Madison Ave. in New York City, stop by the luxury mens boutique Tincanti to see their stylish clothing, and take a look at our beautiful American Oak Floor that was recently installed. Thank you, Tincanti 20 E 67th St, New York, NY 10065

One concept we kept in mind while developing this new line was keeping it simple, so we could keep our manufacturing streamlined, efficient and economical. Having the material on hand, keeping the manufacturing process straightforward and offering our product at a sensible price feels like the American way. This collection is offered in select grade, plain sawn white American oak. It comes in a range of tones, light, medium and dark, and all boards are 7 inch widths with each color priced the same.

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